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thermal Leak testing diagnostics remedial pathway 

Introduction to finding leaks and their root cause

6 minute duration overview of our service

Thermal Testing leaks: Video

With over 25 years experience let us identify the real leak issue in your commercial or residential investment.

Water ingress / leaky house syndrome is a dirty word and a subject most would rather not ever need to address .  

At the heart of the majority of water issues is design and implementation ,but that leads to a political bureaucratic conversation .... 

So You have a leak . You may have tried some easy fix out of a tube or at worst paid someone to use a tube of something to fix your water dilema . 


weather you have a curtain wall multi story building ,flush glaze,shop front  or domestic suite we service all types and brands  


We have a approach and methodology based on root cause identification .Before any works are considered by the client the root cause of the leak should be identified and able to be proved evidentiary   

Unless the root cause can be identified without doubt one is consigned to attempting fixing the issue by a process of elimination . 

This frustrates the contractor and empties the pocket of the client usually with minimal success . 


If the leak can't be reproduced under controlled test conditions with signs that directly relate to clients description of the issue then you are wasting valuable time 

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Thermal Testing leaks: About
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