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Leak Detection  .Thermography  
.Root Cause Reporting .Remedial Pathways
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Exceeding Expectations

Using thermal videography to capture the instance water appears gives a clear indication to all where the root cause lies .
It is important to note that the skill and experience of the investigator plays a large part in process . Learning to read the signs of waters pathway and the clues it leaves takes years of practice . A sound understanding of building concepts and aluminium joinery is essential .  Thermography is one of several processes we have at or disposal for the testing phase .


Root Cause Reporting

Satisfaction Guaranteed

On completion of testing a report is rendered and linked to our drive account . A copy of the link is shared with the client
Footage consists of HD/4K resolution clips /pdfs /Audio commentary as needed- edited to convey the findings. 
VR reports are available on request 
High Court approved documentation and formatting is available on request .Note: reports and the linked material is for the client only and dissemination of the report is forbidden if the client needs to disseminate the report Aluminium repairs ltd needs to be made aware beforehand where a separate terms of trade will apply  .

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Remedial Pathways

Committed to Quality

If within the parent company's scope a remedial schedule of works / quotation will be rendered for the clients viewing .
Aluminium repairs ltd has a long history of successful works involving leaking buildings . With a joinery and waterproofing background we are ideally placed to give the client a leak resolution

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